vendredi 15 juin 2012

Create Free Social Network with your own domain

If you are planning to make a new social network, and you don't have the money nor the means, the web sites creators dont give a domain for free and get a cut on you money making, my team can help you. You just have to follow these steps and we will make sure to get you what you want. Actually, it is simple, my developpers team have already been working on a private social network, and the money making from the internet ads is sufficient. However, we ran out of ideas for other networks, as we own the lines of program, we can adjust them to any new social network community, idea, design. We just need you to : - Structrure the idea- Tell us why is it going to interest people- How can we make money with it
- Send it by email, it stands for a contract in front of a federal judge in case of stealing intellectual property. 
My team is ready to get started and let you join us after an interview.

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